BECAUSE EVERY SECOND COUNTS... The fire brigades use already evacuation masks to get people out of burning houses or office buildings. As every second counts, it should be recommended to private and companies to have evacuation masks available. This will enable them to take immediate action if the smoke detector gives alarm signals. Thus no valuable seconds will be lost", as fire-fighter Cor Kraaijenhagen says, who has more than 25 years active service. The Smoke Hood is a useful supplement to the existing auxiliary tools. As a result of the enormous smoke fumes, however, people often get panicky. Smoke is indeed the enemy nr. 1 in fires. Annually there dozens of people die due to the escape of noxious elements. The Smoke Hood is one means of leaving the building fast and safely as the person's head and lungs are protected .Therefore people will remain calmer and may deal with the situation more effectively. Another advantage of the Smoke Hood is that it is easy to use. One has only to open the airtight tin-package and pull it over one's head. The filter is activated directly. Thus people will receive sufficient oxygen, they will remain fully conscious and will be able to find the (emergency) exit. The Smoke Hood has been tested extensively and satisfies all demands. The mask is vacuum packed. It consists of fire resistant material. Moreover it protects for at least 15 minutes. Experience has taught us that a quarter of an hour is sufficient to escape safely from a burning building.
Vluchtmakser - Smokehood - the Smoke Hood Evacuation Mask to Escape from Fire or Smoke Fumes! - Nederlands

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